MetroLand, an endless runner from the team that created Subway Surfers, is out now for Android and iOS

Kiloo’s latest addition to the mobile gaming realm, MetroLand, is out now. The co-developers of the insanely popular game Subway Surfers are back with another endless runner revolving around a crew of charismatic and daring young individuals who are trying to outrun evil MegaCorp guards who will stop for nothing.

Players will no longer be surfing through subways of a normal city, but through a futuristic and urban world that is unfortunately plagued by an evil tech corporation called MegaCorp. This organization has become too big to stay good and no one can stand up to them, except MetroLand’s protagonists, a group of youngsters who want to save their world. This has resulted in an endless battle between the two and our heroes must save the world. … [MORE]