OnePlus 10 Ultra featured in alleged OnePlus release roadmap

Holding up the green OnePlus 10 Pro

The OnePlus 10 Ultra features on a smartphone release roadmap, as laid out by an established online tipster.

Yogesh Brar has a decent hit rate with his smartphone tips, so a recent tweet outlining the bulk of OnePlus’s 2022 smartphone launch calendar should be of interest.

We know that the OnePlus 10 Pro is due for a global rollout some time in March or April. We also learn here that the OnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite could be set for an April rollout, while the OnePlus Nord 2T could be set for a late April/early May launch, and the OnePlus 10R could be set for May.

We’d be surprised if those last three were big global launches. It’s far more likely that they’ll be regional variations on existing hardware.

Towards the end of the list we get into the meaty stuff. The OnePlus Nord 3 (which is also referred to here as the Nord Pro, interestingly) could be set for a July rollout. This would tally with last year’s OnePlus Nord 2 launch window.

In the absence of a straight OnePlus 10, there’s going to be added pressure on the OnePlus Nord 3 to take up the premium mid-ranger/affordable flagship mantle.

Then there’s the company’s new ultra-flagship, the OnePlus 10 Ultra (also referred to as the OnePlus 10 Pro Plus), which could be set for a late Q3 release. Or September, in other words.

There’s some excitement surrounding the OnePlus 10 Ultra, as OnePlus has never stepped beyond its Pro line before.

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